“I have had the satisfaction of knowing and working with Tom Shaw for over 6 years in a professional capacity. He has been instrumental in helping to execute many of the live concert performances and festivals we have done in Wilmington and Carolina Beach.  When I think of Tom, I think of someone with an ambitious drive to get things done correctly the first time. Like many things in the business world, there are tasks that are less glamorous than others. Tom has always been quick to step up to the plate to get these tasks done in a quality manner.

Tom has also demonstrated ambition and a willingness to open new doors for business.  Throughout the years we have worked together, Tom has cultivated lasting relationships with viable sponsors, that have propelled our events to new heights Had he not shown the ambition and professional communication skills to make these connections with the many local business owners, our events would not be what they are today. His ability to quickly and consistently put together eye catching art for our events is second to none as well.”  

-Beau Gunn, General Manager, Hometown Wilmington Media

“[Tom] understands that marketing efforts need to turn into sales dollars. He has never missed a deadline and the work has always been completed professionally. In the past 26 years of being in the business world, I can honestly say that this is rare.

Tom has managed everything from print media, to event organization, radio advertising, promotional items, tee shirts and social media.”

-Tina Ringer, Owner, Althea’s Attic

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